Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Useful Educational Tools

Animoto is a great tool to use for making great videos and slideshows for presentations. This tool is fun and cool. Students would enjoy using Animoto because it has numerous features, and it is easy to use. Students can make video slideshows from over 50 different styles. In addition, they can add captions and titles to their photos and video clips. Most importantly, the program is a cloud based program so students can share their videos on social networks and access it anytime through iPhone or Androids. Here is a video on how to create your first Animoto video.

Studysync is a great site for English Teachers. Studysync is great because it has weekly writing practices, numerous critical thinking lessons, and tools for peer reviewing of online writing. The site also has a virtual library that has a vast amount of titles that has accommodating informations for Common Core.

Ning allows students and teachers to create their own personal social network. The site is great for classrooms or even the entire school. All the information is in one place; students and teachers can post and share information. Schools could use it to send out announcements and other information. For the most part, it is a great tool that teachers can use in the classroom. Here is a video about highlighting some of the features on Ning.


  1. Hello Tarvaris,
    You did a great job on this post! I was completely unaware of all three of these applications before viewing your post today. Animoto looks like an awesome program! My old MacBook (turned 7 years old this year) will no longer support updates, so my iMovie application from 2007 is somewhat lacking. This would be a great program that I could use to incorporate fresh new templates into any of my classroom movies (without having to borrow my wife's MacBook each time). This would also be great for students to use. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Mr. Chamberlain, my first mentor in the modern use of technology for instruction, uses Animoto and Ning with his 5th graders in Missouri. He finds them very useful.

  3. Yes, I have really been inspired by Ning. I plan to introduce this tool during the first semester next year with my 12th grade seniors. I have high hopes that it will work out and that the students will enjoy it.

  4. Hello Travis,
    I enjoyed your blog post. I the app that stood out for me was Ning. I will use this tool as a teacher. Ning will allow me to create a page where I can upload my power points, homework directions and even up and coming exams. Using that app will help bridge a gate of communication between teacher and student. I would like to know, how did you discover Ning?