Tuesday, April 29, 2014

C4T Summaries

C4T Semester Long

Mr. Sladkey has not been active much in the month of April. In the one post that he posted he talked about The Engagement Wheel. The Engagement Wheel is where students teach the class. I thought this was a really interesting strategy. He made the point that having students teach the class in lessons will help them retain the information and make learning more fun. Most importantly, he made the point that when one teaches something, one can use it and will know how to use it better because he or she taught it. I replied with this comment: The Student Engagement Wheel is very interesting. I will most certainly try this activity in my classroom. For the most part, it will be a great way to get the students involved and keep them engaged. Most importantly, it will make learning fun! Mr. Sladkey, thank you so much for posting such useful information!

C4T Rotating

In the post I commented on, Mr. Spencer talked about an interview that he had with Meeno Rami. Meenoo Rami is the author of Thrive: 5 ways to (Re)Invigorate Your Teaching Practice. He discussed how he was blown away by her braveness and humility. He made the point that the book reminds teachers of why they teach. In other words, some teachers are worn out and even burnt out but the book helps bring them back into focus. In the interview, they discussed mentorship and how mentorship is important for new teachers. Having a mentor is helpful to new teachers because teaching can be very intimidating in the first couple of months of teaching. Meenoo made the point that no one knows better what you need than someone who has been through it. In the interview, Meenoo also talked about the importance of networking with other educators around the world. In other words, to better increase one’s teaching practice, it is good to know what is working for educators not just in one’s own area but all over the world. In my comment, I commended Mr. Spenser for giving us readings a great interview with the author. I also commented that I will most likely be purchasing the book.

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