Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blog Post Assignment 10

Glogster a great tool to use for the classroom. With Glogster, teachers can create pages, assignments, journals, and a host of other things to make learning fun and exciting.

In a technology advanced classroom, Glogster would work well in class or at home. For example, Glogster can be used to post assignments that students can access anywhere. The great thing about using Glogster for assignments is that teachers can provide everything that students need for the assignment in one place. Most importantly, it eliminate the need for paper and time at the copy machine. Glogster is free but to get the best benefits out of Glogster, teachers will need to become a premium member. Some districts already has district wide membership. Nevertheless, premium membership is $35 for 1 year for an Elementary teacher with 30 students and $95 for 1 year for Secondary teacher with 125 students.

Try Glogster out by following the directions for creating a classroom assignment. In this project, you will use Glogster to create an assignment. First, go to and sign up; sign up as an educator. If you have a Google account, you can sign up and sign in using your Google information. After you have signed in, click on create a new glog. Choose the assignment template. Once you have chosen the template, you can edit the template to create your assignment. Your assignment must include instructions and some form of media (video or audio).

Here is an example of what your final product should look like: A Poison Tree Assignment This assignment is on “A Poison Tree” by William Blake for 12th grade British Literature class. Have fun!

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