Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alabama Virtual Library

In today’s world, students have access to countless amount of information. Most students are very knowledgeable about social networks and social media as a whole. Students are constantly posting pictures, status updates, and tweets through social networks. Because of this, the information available to people today is ever increasing.

Concerning education, students have many resources available to them to get information on any subject for any course. Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) is a great website that provide students with access to 54 databases for information. Most importantly, AVL is a great tool that students can use for research papers.

In my high school class, I taught my students how to use AVL and required them to use two AVL resources in their research paper. During this lesson, I showed them the various resources offered and their purpose. As a case in point, EBSCOhost was one of the best databases to use to locate an article on any subject of research. Students were shown how to search the topic, locate an article, and get the MLA works cited information from the article to place on their works cited page. Students found the EBSCOhost very helpful.

To introduce AVL, I created a PowerPoint to inform students about AVL and to go through some of the benefits of AVL. After the PowerPoint, students would log on to AVL and actually search information to gain some hands on experience using AVL.

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  1. Tarvaris, it's great to see that you are incorporating the AVL into your lessons and putting our tax dollars to good use! In the one year that I taught in Alabama, I did not use AVL, but I certainly plan to if I return to teaching in the future. Your post was very informative, and the Google presentation was nice too. Great job!