Tuesday, April 22, 2014

C4K Summaries

I commented on Alfa’s blog from Ms . Lavakula class. Alfa is a 5 year old student enrolled at PT England School. Alfa wrote a short essay on swimming. The essay was broken into an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Alfa wrote about the importance of learning how to learn and why someone should learn how to swim. Overall, Alfa did a great hob on his post. I commented on how well of a job head did and encouraged him to keep up the great work.

Emmanuel posted a blog post of a video that he created using picture animations about the life cycle of the butterfly. Emmanuel did a great job on video and it was well very well considering the fact that he is only 5 years old. I commented on how well his commentary was on the video and how he did a great job putting it together. Most importantly, the video was very informational and I learned about the life cycle of the butterfly.

Mrs. She’s class is working on constructing simple sentences correctly and independently. I commented on Bitner’s blog. He created his simple sentence about swimming. Apart of their assignment was to create the simple sentence and record a video stating the simple sentence. Bitner did a great job on both and commented on how well of a job he did.

Joshua is a 6 year old from in Miss. Garden class. Joshua created a powerpoint about native tress in New Zealand. Joshua did a great job and I learned something about trees that are typically found in New Zealand. I commented on how well he put together his powerpoint and how much effort he put into his work.

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