Saturday, April 26, 2014

Interview with Anthony Capps, Blog Post Assignment 8 (Late)

What I learned most from the question and answer session from Anthony Capps was that Project Based Learning must become a habit. The question that was asked was can Project Based Learning be done overnight. Mr. Capps answer was yes. However, it must be practiced and the students must be involved in PBL. He stated that before one can move on to another tool, one has to master the first tool. In other words, the tool has to be practiced over and over and must become a habit. Once the tool has been successfully master, the teacher can move on to the next tool. In addition, he made a point to use the tool that has been mastered in the future projects.

Another interesting thing that I learned was that students have a great desire for an audience. Because of this, Mr. Capps stated that he frequently invite parents so students can showcase their projects. In addition, he uses stuff animals as an audience. Students tend to perform better when they know that someone is watching and that they have an audience. He stated that the stuff animals worked well for his students.

All in all, the question and answer session between Dr. Strange and Mr. Capps was very informational. Mr. Capps is an experience teacher who frequently uses PBL in his classrooms so it was interesting to hear his responses.

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