Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free education to anyone in the world. Khan Academy is an awesome organization because anyone with access to the internet can access its website to take advantage of the services they offer. For the most part, having the ability to offer free education to anyone in the world is an awesome service. As a result, people who live in countries where education is limited will have an opportunity become educated in his or her area of need. Students are able to access the site’s extensive library content. The site also offers interactive activities, videos, and assessments for students to use. In addition, parents and teachers can monitor what their children or students are doing.

What I like most about the site is the math section. Math is an important subject that many students struggle with. Having a site that offers math with practice problems and explanation goes a long way to helping students who are struggling with math. The math section could be a great tool for math teachers. As a case in point, a teacher could direct his or her students to Khan Academy to help practice doing problems that the student may have trouble with. For the most part, some students can understand math problems if it is being explained in a very simple way. Khan Academy has videos and activities that breaks down any problem and explains in it in more understandable terms. Khan Academy works great for extra help when it comes to math.

In addition to math, the site covers science, physics, and other subjects. Khan Academy is a great site for the student who wants to learn more about a particular subject but has not taken the course yet or is unable to take the course. For example, a student could have a love for physics but may not have the opportunity to take the course during his or her grade level. With a strong desire to learn, that student could log on Khan Academy’s website and tap into all of the information concerning physics. The site opens up many doors for the result driven learner.

The site also offers stats and awards. There is not better than one receiving an award for achieving a learning milestone. Khan Academy issue points and badges for completing learning milestones. Most importantly, the site monitors progress. The site will track what the user has learned all of the users progress.

All in all, Khan Academy is a great site for students and teachers alike. The site is especially awesome for teachers to point students too because it is free. There is no sign up fee and it is not a difficult site to use. As a teacher, I will start informing my students about Khan Academy so they can take advantage of the many benefits the Academy has to offer.


  1. Hi Tarvaris, I was assigned to you for C4C this week. I think that Khan Academy is a great learning tool. I used it extensively for Pre Cal and Chemistry as an undergrad and it really helped. While researching this site I did find out a few things that Ihad not considered before. Something that was particularly eye opening for me was that all of the lessons provided might not be giving the correct information. If it is brought to their attention they fix it though. As teachers, I think we should definitely use this tool but we must look at any of the videos that we are going to refer students to to make sure that the information on them is what we want our students to learn. I would love to have a computer in my classroom that students could use during class to access Khan Academy for extra help while I am there to answer any questions that they may have as they move along. It is a great way to help a failing student move up to class level or to help an advanced student move ahead and not get bored.

  2. Tarvaris,
    Good post! I agree that Khan Academy is a good, free tool for students.Like you said, it is very helpful with math. Some students might need to see a math lesson from a different approach and KA would be a good resource to direct them to. I plan to suggest its use to my students when I am a teacher and to a homeschooler that I have tutored.

  3. What about the opposition to the Academy? How extensive? What are the sources? How do you evaluate the Academy in light of the pros and cons?

    Did you try anything out? How does the Academy overlap with your interests, personal or as a teacher?

    Look at some of your classmates submissions. They were often more extensive and thorough than yours.

    1. I must have misunderstood the assignment. I thought it was more of a review of Khan Academy rather than a research paper on Khan Academy. I will pay more attentionn to the details in the assignment next time.