Tuesday, February 11, 2014


plagiarism picture of a student copying another student's work
The Plagiarism Policy is a very clear on how to avoid plagiarism. As a teacher, I consistently teach my students about the importance of citing sources and the important of not plagiarizing any of their work. Nevertheless, some students simply do not care. I have observed students copy and paste an entire paper expecting to receive a grade for the paper. The biggest problem in high school is that a number of students do not believe that plagiarism can be found out. In addition, some schools do not have the funding to uses sites like turnitin.com to help check for plagiarizing.

However, what students fail to realize is that plagiarism usually stick out like a sore thumb. The typical student who plagiarize a paper typically do not have good writing skills. As a teacher, I quickly can determine the writing voice of my students well before their first paper. Because of this, the plagiarism can easily be found out. In addition, a search of the internet can help discover the copied material.

All in all, I believe that high schools should adopt a similar policy as most universities to make students more accountable for plagiarizing. At the college level, the consequences for plagiarizing are more severe.


  1. If a school uses blogs for student work, Google works well in identifying gross plagiarism.

    Do high schools not have a plagiarism policy?

  2. Tavaris, I am not sure that I agree the policies on plagiarism are totally clear but I can say that for those that know they are plagiarizing, the penalties do need to be more severe. If they knew the legal ramifications they probably wouldn't plagiarize quite as much or at all, intentionally.

    It is sometimes difficult to determine that plagiarism has been committed even with items like turnitin.com, and other resources. So, I say, if you can really prove it, and you know it was committed intentionally, throw the book at the offender. But, make sure that is exactly what happened before you ruin someone's life.