Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Six Useful Search Engines

picture of search engines logos

The internet has numerous search engines available for users to explore. However, many people tend to simply focus on popular search engines like Google and Bing. I am the biggest fan of Google and I think it is by far the best search engine available. Nevertheless, there are search engines available for specific searches. Here are six search engines that I’ve found that are extremely useful.

Rediff.com is a great search engine to get information from an international perspective. In particular, the search engine focuses on India. Searchers can find India’s news, entertainment, and shopping. Rediff.com is India’s leading search engine.

Findlaw.com is an awesome search engine to find information about laws and attorneys. This search engine came in handy when I needed information about my now current attorney.

WedMd.com is one of the best search engines to find medical information. I frequently use the search engine to determine symptoms or find information about anything medical.

Wolframalpha.com is an awesome search engine to calculate any types of problems. The search engine includes calculus, geometry, elementary math, and others. All in all, it is an amazing search engine with a vast amount of knowledge.

Infospace.com is a good search engine to find information about people. However, not all people are listed because most people have cell phones now. Nevertheless, Infospace will search the yellow pages and white pages without any problems.

Zillow.com is a great search engine to find out about any real estate. The engine allows the users to search for properties for sale and get information on properties that have already been sold.


  1. Tarvaris,

    Hello! I am Melinda Akridge from your EDM 510 class. I was happy to see that you included Zillow. For whatever reason, I have always been interested in real estate; therefore, I have found myself looking up every house I ever lived in, every house I've ever wanted to live in, and so on. It is interesting to see how property values have gone up over time. And, of course, I have also fallen victim to the self-diagnosis phenomenon known as WebMD! Were these two areas of interest for you as well?

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    1. Yes, I frequently go to Zillow.com and WebMD. As a case in point, when I am riding down the street and notice a really beautiful house, I'll make a mental note of the address and search the value of the home on Zillow. In addition, I love WebMD. For the most part, I will go to the doctor if I am having a medical problem but it's doesn't hurt to look up common symptoms on WebMD.

  2. Tarvaris,

    Hello! It's Melinda Akridge from EDM 510 again. I just realized I forgot to tell you two important things, so now you can consider your post to be the post so nice, I commented twice. Anyway, first, I wanted to tell you that all of your links worked for me, so yay! Second, I forgot to invite you to follow me on twitter. My twitter name is makridge13. I hope to see you there soon!

    Don't forget to visit me at my own woefully behind EDM 510 blog!

    Melinda Akridge
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    1. Thank you so much, I will follow you on Twitter.

  3. An interesting selection. I am not familiar with Rediff. I'll give it a try.