Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Project 3 Presentation


  1. Tavaris,

    At first I wasn't getting a lot from your presentation but after viewing the videos, I learned a lot more and understand it better. I especially like how the common core video in the second presentation focused a lot on problem solving in real world applications just like the PBL video in the first presentation. But of the videos caught my interest and kept me listening. This is one way of diversifying the way we teach and although you didn't have a lot of words on the slides, you did provide resources (videos) with a lot of information. Very good presentations!

  2. The Edutopia video was especially useful. Not much else to your PBL presentation. Needs more work. Needs some additional content.

    Your presentation on SACCRS should be on Alabama's version of the Common Core for two reasons: 1. ACCRS has some significant differences. 2. The use of the term Common Core raises hackles among some people in Alabama. The use of ACCRS provides an opportunity to distinguish what Alabama does from the Common Core which is useful in some dissuasions. The video is useful however, but I would put it after a discussion of ACCRS. The assignment was to do a presentation on ACCRS.

    I agree with all that Ramsey has to say but I would temper his last sentence. Good but not very good. Could be a lot better with more thought and more work.