Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Summary of Comments

C4T Rotating Summary

The Teacher who I am assigned too for C4T is Beth Still. For the most part, my comments are still being waited to be approved. Mrs. Still has not updated recently so the first comment I made was on a previously dated post concerning holiday treats. Mrs. Still put together a google docs application where everyone could submit their recipes for their holiday treats. My comment commended her on using google docs effectively to share common interest. In another post, Mrs. Still discussed the budding artist project. The project was funded by Donorschoose. The organization provided Mrs. Still with the material to carry out the project. The project consisted of her students coming together and painting. Mrs. Still spoke of her the project allowed her students to bond with each other and how grateful she was to Donorschoose for donating the material.

C4K Summary

The student whom I was assigned, Courtney, have not made any posts so I commented on other students’ blog. First, I commented on Sarah’s blog from Mrs. Long class, Sarah talked about a new idea that she have in mind concerning her hair. Sarah was interested in getting some new braids. She provided a link to a site that showed a picture of the hair due and commented on how awesome the braids would look. Second, I commented on Yolo’s blog from Mrs. Frahm class. YoLo posted a story about students during spring break. The story was very entertaining and commented encouraging him to keep up the good up. Finally, I commented on Sierra’s blog from Mrs. Frahm class. Sierra created a poster about which ancient city would be the best place to live, Sparta or Athens. She chose Sparta and posted a pic of a poster she created to support her reasons. I agreed with her that Sparta would be best the place to live and I commended her on her poster.

C4T Semester Long

The teacher that I was assigned semester long for C4T is Math teacher Dave Sladkey. One of the post that he posted was “Have Students Teach Something”. The post talked about how to keep the students engaged and one way to do that is to have them teach the class something. The concept is that by teaching it will help them learn the material quicker. He provided a pie graph showing the benefits and during instructions this way. Overall, I commented on how great of an idea the method was and that I would most certainly use the strategy in my classroom.

C4T Chosen

The C4T teacher chosen by me and James Boutin. He posted a post titled “I Don’t Have Enough Time to Be a Good Teacher.” The post focused on things that good teachers do and must do in order to be a good teacher. In other words, they should become second nature. I commented on the post commending his tips and suggestions. In addition, he posted a post about what’s best for kids. The posted focused on things that teachers should be doing to help bring the most out of the students. In addition, he talked about what the schools should be doing as well.

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